About Us

  • Who We Are

    Located in the Quebec Head office, Sam El-Chaer group of Assante Capital Management, is comprised of investment advisors and professionals with a unique philosophy, defining principles and comprehensive wealth management solutions.

  • Our Experience

    Choosing a financial partner is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, for yourself or for your family. That is why there is a tremendous advantage to having one contact for all your wealth management needs – an expert who is intimately acquainted with, and personally in touch with every detail of your family’s financial affairs.

  • Our Commitment

    Our plan is to build and preserve. We have the skills, the strategies and the support to serve the increasingly complex demands of successful clients.

    But it all starts with you. Only by understanding your needs and goals can we design a comprehensive strategy that will meet, or exceed, them.

Our Team Approach

We ensure that you get the professional advice you require to meet your specific investment, wealth management and insurance objectives

Proactive Approach

We tailor your plan to meet your goals, by developing and monitoring customized strategies. We update you on current financial issues and opportunities.

Holistic View

Only by understanding your spending habits, debt obligation, life goals and more can we begin to develop a meaningful and accurate strategy

Experienced Financial Professionals

It's your best protection to ensure you're dealing with reputable advisors. With significant experience in the financial services industry, all our advisors have industry-recognized certifications.